Will the gas price go up?

Hasmik Dilanyan

Will the gas price go up or not? Officials do not give a concrete answer to the question. Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Armen Movsisyan informs that the negotiations with “Gazprom” Company are in the final stage.

“We’ll inform about the price, when the talks are over. We’ll have the best price in the CIS,” the Minister promised.

During today’s cabinet sitting the Prime Minister introduced the findings of the poll conducted to get the citizens’ opinion on the activities of the government. The survey has revealed tangible results in the field of mobile communications and the Internet, third-party risk insurance and cadastre services. In his statement, Tigran Sargsyan made a point of transparency in government and media independence.

The government took note of the report of Chief of Government Staff David Sargsyan on implementation of the assignments stemming from the 2012 August 9 approval of the government’s program of activities and priority tasks for 2012 (09.08.2012 – 24.01.2013). 97 assignments out of a total of 101 or 96.0 % were reported complete as of January 24, 2013.

Amending a previous decree, the government extended to December 30, 2012 the deadline set for the granting of electronic signature subsidies to such businesses as have concluded an arrangement to that effect with the State Revenue Committee.

Over AMD24m has been earmarked to comply with the subsidy request of those 8 thousand citizens that applied during the month of December.

According to the Prime Minister, by offering additional incentives the government is striving to propel this process so that businesses could avail themselves of the whole range of electronic signature-based services.

Considering that strong with its unique geographical position, natural and man-made recreational zones, historic and ethnographic peculiarities the city of Goris is well poised to become a center of tourism, the government approved a program to develop tourism infrastructures in Goris. Those responsible were told to allow for the necessary funds in the medium-term expenditure program of 2014-2016.

The program seeks to rehabilitate the historical and cultural environment in the town, build up advertising infrastructures in order to enhance its attractiveness, launch an information center referred to as Zangezur in a bid to turn Goris into a regional center fir for hosting traditional festivals held on a yearly basis.

Amending a previous decree, the meeting decided to donate to D-link International’s Armenia mission the sports facility and the adjacent 1 thousand sq. m. meter-wide plot of land as situated at Hakobyan-39 in Gyumri at an initial cost of about AMD3b in order to implement the government-endorsed investment program.

Supposed to promote the process of Gyumri’s growing into a high-tech zone, the decision provides that the deadline set for the construction of the D-link Research and Testing Center shall be extended until November, 2013.

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