The American success of Armenian coaches

Lilit Sedrakyan

Armenian children were again the best at the L.A. All-City Scholastic Chess Championships. The championships take place every three months and feature 140-170 children of different nationalities and ages.

As usual, 30% of the participants were Armenian. Armenians always show the best results. “I think it’s a great success that there are many Armenians in the chess community of California. They are good players and good coaches. Chess would not be on such a solid basis in Western California without Armenian coaches,” said Jay Stallings, Head of the US Chess Federation Scholastic Council.

“Armenian coaches are demanded in the US. It’s the product of the Armenian school, which brings success when combined with the American standards,” said Armen Hambartsumyan, head coach of the US chess team.

The first coach of the Armenian Olympic team has been training American chess players since 1998. His students often win in different tournaments.

US-based Armenian coaches are looking forward to see new Armenian talents. Armen Hambartsumyan hopes new Armenian names will appear on the international arena after the introduction of chess as a compulsory discipline in Armenian schools.

Tennis coaches also promise new Armenian names on international courts. Coach Harutyun Khachatryan, who has been living in the US for two decades now, is one of the best tennis coaches in Burbank. He’s proud to note that Armenians Alex Halebyan, Sahak Bazarganyan and Andranik Khachatryan are already well known among the best tennis players of the United States.

A young Armenian tennis player has been invited to the US with the support of the Armenian Consulate in Los Angeles. He will train in LA for a few months and participate in several tournaments, after which he will return to Armenia to contribute to the national team.

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