Richard Giragosian: One should not expect anything until Karabakh is back at the negotiating table

“The power of Armenian lobby in the US will become more powerful by 2013, which makes Genocide efforts all the more important,” Head of the Regional Studies Center Richard Giragosian told a press conference today.

“The real test or challenge in 2015 for the 100th anniversary of the Genocide will be seen in many capitals of the world,” he said, adding that “it will be a direct challenge and confrontation with Turkey.”

Speaking about the US elections, Giragosian said neither of the candidates has been responsive to the Armenian American community. He added, however, that the effect is the opposite. “The failure of the candidates to talks about the Genocide has actually served to strengthen and mobilize the Armenians in America.”

“As candidates, both Romney and Obama have angered the Armenian voters, which means that whoever is elected President, will face a new challenge from the Armenians in America.”

The analyst said he believes Obama will win, and added “it’s better for Armenia and for Armenians in America.”

As for the meeting between the Armenian and Azerbaijani Foreign Ministers in Paris,  Richard Giragosian said “the most interesting thing was that they met at all.” “This was the first meeting after the reckless behavior by Azerbaijan  over the Safarov case. The significance of the meeting was not what Nalbandian or Mammadyarov said. This is a test for the Minsk Group and the international community.”

Giragosian said Armenia was smart enough not to pull out of the peace process. “Thus, Armenia said that the problem has always been only Azerbaijan, not Armenia or Karabakh,” he said, adding, however, that there is one party missing and we shouldn’t expect anything until Karaabkh is back at the table.

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