Ruben Safrastyan: The West fails to overthrow Assad’s regime

Anna Nazaryan

“Attempts are being made to move the Syria events to Lebanon,” Director of the Oriental Studies Institute of the National academy of Sciences Ruben Safrastyan told a press conference today. However, the terrorist acts committed in Lebanon a few days ago did not expand thanks to the Lebanese army.

According to Ruben Safrastyan, one should not forget, however, that some zones in the north of Lebanon are outside the control of the Lebanese authorities and the camps of Syrian rebels are deployed there.

The West fails to succeed in Syria and overthrow Assad’s regime, the calculations of the West and Turkey turned out wrong. Syrians do not divide, while the opposition mostly consists of foreign militants, who aim to commit jihad in Syria.

The West also aims to cause disruption among the elite in Iran, and the accusations of possessing nuclear weapons are just a good reason, according to Safrastyan. The research centers in the West have found out that Iran is still enriching uranium and the process will come to an end in May-June, 2013.

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