Artsakh’s President joins sit-in in Stepanakert’s Revival Square

Artsakh’s President Arayik Harutyunyan has joined the sit-in in Stepanakert’s Revival Square.

“Taking into account the current dire situation and the imminent humanitarian and security disaster, I have decided to resort to an extreme measure, i.e. join the sit-in of citizens in Stepanakert’s Revival Square,” the President said in a vide message.

“This is an additional effort and alarm to attract international attention, to urge the international community to fulfill its obligations, to push the Armenian people and all our friends to active and immediate actions,” he added.

“With this sit-in, we expect that Armenia, Russia, the US, France, the European Union, the UN Security Council and other authorized bodies, as well as all other related actors, will refrain from encouraging and ignoring Azerbaijan’s further aggressive and criminal actions, and will fulfill their obligations to ensure the proper implementation of the Tripartite Statement, the orders of the UN International Court of Justice of and other international acts and agreements,” President Harutyunyan emphasized.

He asked everyone in Mother Armenia and Diaspora to take all possible actions to draw the attention of decision makers and take practical steps to support Artsakh.

“The international community should feel the determination and support of the Armenian people to Artsakh, because the key to the Armenian and dignified future of Artsakh is in the hands of the Armenian people,” the President stressed.

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