Armenia seizes 1 ton of cocaine in fruit shipment

A company engaged in import of fruits to Armenia has smuggled 1 ton of cocaine worth about 25 million euros into the country, the Armenian National Security Service informs.

The drugs were imported in a cargo from the Republic of Panama through the territory of the transit countries – Panama, Italy and Georgia.

The drugs have been seized by the National Security Service. The probe into the case is under way.

On Tuesday Italy seized 2.7 tons of cocaine in banana shipment bound to Armenia.

Cocaine worth an estimated €800 million was confiscated by police in Calabria, the base of operations for one of Europe’s most powerful organized crime groups.

The Guardia di Finanza police force said they found the “extremely pure cocaine” in refrigerated containers that had been shipped from Ecuador.

The containers were bound for Armenia and were due to go by the Georgian city of Batum.

The drugs were discovered in the containers thanks to specialized scanners and with the help of a sniffer dog named Joel, police said. 

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