Paris shooting: Two dead and several injured in attack

A gunman has opened fire in central Paris, killing two people and wounding several others, the BBC reports.

A suspect aged 69 was quickly detained by police in connection with the attack.

Authorities appealed for people to avoid the area in Rue d’Enghien, in the 10th district in Strasbourg-Saint Denis.

“It’s total panic, we’ve locked ourselves in,” one shopkeeper told AFP news agency.

The witness said she had heard seven or eight bursts of gunfire. Two of those wounded in the shooting are said to be in a critical condition and two others were seriously injured.

Police detained the suspect without resistance and they reportedly recovered the weapon used in the attack. Prosecutors said they had opened a murder investigation. There is no indication yet as to the motive or the target of the shooting.

The street close to Château d’Eau metro station has several restaurants and shops as well as the cultural centre. Local Mayor Alexandra Cordebard said it was a very lively area.

Another witness said the street was now full of emergency services and they were waiting to be able to leave.

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