Blown away by creativity and quality: Eurovision Supervisor on organization of the event in Armenia

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Armenian broadcaster AMPTV gave a joint press conference today, updating journalists on developments from this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Executive Supervisor Martin Österdahl was joined by AMPTV Director General Hovhannes Movsisyan and Junior Eurovision 2022’s Communications Director Anna Ohanyan here at the Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex. 

As this year marks the 20th running of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, questions were asked about how the event has evolved, how things have been going here in Yerevan, and where it might go in the future.

Österdahl commented: ‘We’re delighted that Junior Eurovision has really bloomed, and it’s growing a lot every year in popularity. Distribution in the region is growing, and we the quality of talent we see on display is increasing as well. It really does get better and better every year.”

“I think I can say from the impressions from all of the sixteen delegations here in Yerevan is that everyone is really taken aback and impressed not only by the quality of the organization and the infrastructure here in the venue, also the stage and production, which really is world class, but I’d say even more with the warm welcome and hospitality that’s been shown to us,” he said.

Österdahl specifically wanted to highlight the success of this year’s Opening Ceremony and Social Programming, which was not only enjoyed by the delegations, but it was also a very real reminder of how enthusiastic and supportive the Armenian public have been for the events of this week.

‘I think the Opening Ceremony that we saw on Monday was a new milestone. I was blown away by the creativity on display and the quality of the production and organization. And also the Social Program that’s been put together here for all of the delegations from across Europe, they’ve been really outstanding. I even had the pleasure of going myself, and it was absolutely extraordinary. 

I think what’s happening here this year is that in the 20th anniversary, we’re taking another step forward with Junior Eurovision.’

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