We are mobilized for Ukraine but silent on Armenia: Valerie Boyer shames Europe for gas deal with Azerbaijan

We are rightly mobilized for Ukraine but silent on Armenia, French Senator Valerie Boyer said during a debate on Public Sénat political and parliamentary channel.

“Are the lives of Armenians worth less than those of Ukrainians?” she asked.

She said we have a corrupt and racist state, Azerbaijan attacking the borders of Armenia, with an aim of ethnic cleansing and genocidal pursuit.

“The enemies of Armenia openly say they want to exterminate the Armenians and yet we continue to receive these leaders and Europe buys gas from Azerbaijan with Ursula von der Leyen declaring that Aliyev is a reliable partner,” Boyer said.

Ursula von der Leyen’s complicity with Azerbaijan is shameful, she said, adding that “The energy crisis does not excuse everything, especially when we are faced with real war crimes.”

“France could have done more for Armenia, especially when we had the Presidency of the European Union. Sending observers is the minimum service. In Cyprus or Greece, we also turn a blind eye to the repeated Turkish invasions,” the Senator stated.

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