Armenia denies handing over bodies of soldiers to Azerbaijan

The Armenian side has denied handing over bodies of six servicemen to Azerbaijan.

In an attempt to find some kind of explanation for the terrible video showing Azerbaijani soldiers executing unarmed Armenian soldiers, Azerbaijan today disseminated nonsense through the country’s general prosecutor’s office, claiming that “the bodies of six Azerbaijani soldiers tortured to death by the Armenian servicemen depicted in the mentioned video were handed over to the Azerbaijani side.”

“Instead of accepting the condemnations and calls for an investigation from almost the entire civilized world, official Baku tries to find excuses for the monstrous atrocities committed by its soldiers,” Spokesperson for the Armenian Defense Ministry Aram Torosyan said in a statement.

“The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia declares that no bodies of Azerbaijani servicemen were transferred to the Azerbaijani side, and the statement issued by the Prosecutor General’s Office is meant to cover up the war crimes committed by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces,” the Spokesman said.

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