Resolution condemning Azerbaijan’s attacks on Armenia introduced in Michigan State Legislature

Michigan State Rep. Mari Manoogian (D-Birmingham) has introduced House Resolution 348, which condemns the ongoing assault on the Republic of Armenia by the Republic of Azerbaijan and calls for the pause of all aid to Azerbaijan until a peaceful, diplomatic solution to the conflict is reached that is based in securing a peaceful future for the Armenian people, respecting the territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia, and protecting human rights and ancient Armenian holy and cultural sites.

“It is incredibly sad that every term that I’ve been a member of the Michigan House of Representatives, I’ve had to introduce a resolution to condemn outrageous, cruel attacks on the Armenian people and our indigenous lands,” said Rep. Manoogian. “These heinous attacks on the Republic of Armenia’s borders—more specifically, the communities of innocent people trying to peacefully go to work, send their children to school, and live their lives in Kapan, Goris, Jermuk, Vardenis and Tchakaten —by the Azerbaijani military at the direction of the Aliyev regime need to stop, and a lasting peaceful solution for the Armenian people must be realized.”

“We welcome Michigan State Rep. Mari Manoogian’s introduction of this important resolution which condemns Azerbaijan’s ongoing attacks on Armenia,” stated ANCA National Board member and Michigan resident Dzovinar Hatsakordzian in a written statement to the Weekly. “We know that the Michigan House of Representatives will support this resolution and stand by the Armenian people, as they have always done, against the atrocities committed by Azerbaijan and Turkey.”

At least 207 Armenian soldiers were killed in the September 13-14 attacks; four were women who were tortured, dismembered and killed in captivity. Graphic footage of these brutalities was circulated on social media. “That this was purposefully captured on video and gleefully shared by members of the Azerbaijani military can only be interpreted as ethnic intimidation and a further threat of ethnic violence and ethnic cleansing,” said Rep. Manoogian. “The Armenian people, whether they live in the Republic of Armenia, or are members of our vibrant diaspora, will not be intimidated by the Aliyev regime, its military or acts of grotesque violence against ethnic Armenians. This resolution shows that Michigan stands firmly on the side of peace and human rights, and in support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia.”

Rep. Mari Manoogian is serving in her second term representing Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township and the eastern portion of West Bloomfield Township. In addition to serving as Deputy Whip for the Michigan House Democratic Caucus, she is also the Minority Vice Chair of the House Committee on Energy. Manoogian is a political partner at the Truman National Security Project and a 2021 Aspen Security Forum Rising Leader.

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