Starmus Festival Board condemns Azerbaijan’s “unprovoked and unjustifiable” attack on Armenia

The Board of the Starmus Festival, and international science and music celebration, has condemned the unprovoked and unjustifiable military action against the Republic of Armenia by Azerbaijan.

“The dastardly action, which has resulted in the loss of dozens of innocent lives, is unwarranted and unclear for, and goes against the hallmarks of civilization,” the statement reads.

“The Sixth Starmus Festival has just taken place with wonderful success in and around Yerevan, Armenia, and we stand in solidarity with our great and good Armenian Friends. The sharing of knowledge, the advancement of science, the celebration of humanity through music, and other positive acts should lead the way towards a better world,” the Board says.

The statement has been signed by Starmus Board members Garik Israelian, Brian May, David Eicher, Richard Dawkins, Emmanuelle Charpentier, Jill Tarter, Peter Gabriel, Tony Fadell and Robert Williams.

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