Freedom House condemns Azerbaijani attacks on Armenia, calls for diplomacy

In response to the Azerbaijani military’s ongoing strikes on locations within the Republic of Armenia, Freedom House president Michael J. Abramowitz issued the following statement:

“The Azerbaijani armed forces must immediately cease their deadly attacks on Armenian territory and commit to the ongoing peace process facilitated by the EU, the US, and Russia. Relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia should be carried out through diplomacy and negotiation, not through artillery and drone strikes.

“The people of Armenia and Azerbaijan deserve peace and security. Military attacks on sovereign nations have no place in the rules-based international order, which is why we urge the US government, fellow democracies, and international organizations to call for an immediate cease-fire. We welcome the commitment by French president Emmanuel Macron to hold discussions at the UN Security Council, and urge democratic governments to consider additional steps to protect Armenia’s territorial integrity.”

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