PM Pashinyan briefed on the Park of Life project dedicated to the memory of martyrs of all Artsakh wars

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan was briefed today on the project of construction of the Park of Life dedicated to the memory of the martyrs of all Artsakh wars.

The construction project of the Park of Life, the architectural solutions and the functional zoning scheme were presented to the Prime Minister. The project area is about 35 hectares, it is planned to have walking and recreation areas, alleys, bicycle paths, a stepped cascade, and the peak will be the section symbolizing the lives of martyred heroes.

An entirely new irrigation system will be built to serve the needs of the entire Botanical Garden.

Issues related to project implementation were discussed at the consultation. Infrastructural solutions, organization and accessibility of movement routes, tree density, biodiversity and other topics were addressed. A number of proposals and observations were presented. The issue of improving the Botanical Garden was also touched upon.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the purpose of the Park of Life is to appreciate life, to symbolize the immortality of the martyrs of all Artsakh wars, and noted that the architectural solutions should be completely based on this logic. Nikol Pashinyan noted that any commercial activity in the territory of the park should be excluded.

Prime Minister Pashinyan instructed to start the works, taking note of the discussed proposals and ideas.

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