Film producer Armen Grigoryan has died

Film producer Armen Grigoryan has died․ The Ambulance CJSC confirmed the news to Armenpress.

During a court hearing in Yerevan over the criminal case launched against him, Armen Grigoryan lost consciousness. The ambulance was unable to save his life.

Human Rights Defender Kristinne Grigoryan has demanded an explanation regarding the possible circumstances that led to the death of Armen Grigoryan.

“It is extremely unacceptable and worrisome that in the conditions of pre-trial detention, the right to healthcare is not guaranteed, health problems are not properly identified and addressed, which leads to such a tragic consequence,” the Ombudsperson said in a statement.

She requested clarifications from the Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Justice regarding Armen Grigoryan’s diagnosed illnesses, the measures taken to treat them, and other possible circumstances that led to his death.

Kristinne Grigoryan pledged to be consistent in bringing the culprits to justice and expressed condolences to Mr. Grigoryan’s family and friends.

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