Iran reacts as nuclear watchdog censures the country over uranium traces

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has blasted the anti-Iran resolution adopted by the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Board of Governors, saying that the move will yield no results but weaken the country’s cooperation with the agency, IRNA reports.

The statement comes after Iran was censured for not fully answering the global nuclear watchdog’s questions about uranium traces found at three undeclared sites.

The IAEA’s director general said it had not received “credible” explanations for the presence of uranium particles.

Iran has said they could have been planted in an “act of sabotage.”

The resolution – the first against Iran since June 2020 – expresses “profound concern that the safeguards issues related to these three undeclared locations remain outstanding due to insufficient substantive co-operation by Iran.” It also urges the country to “act on an urgent basis to fulfil its legal obligations.”

Iran slammed the resolution as “a wrong, political and unconstructive move.”

The statement further said that Iran, based on an agreement announced on March 5, 2022, has shown its goodwill in cooperation with the IAEA by presenting precise technical data.

It noted that the agency was expected to “adopt an independent, impartial, and professional stance in order to take a realistic and constructive measure over the safeguards issues which, as admitted by the IAEA itself, had no proliferation concern.”

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