Armenia appointed to WHO General Committee for first time

Armenia has been appointed a member of the World Health Organization (WHO) General Committee for the first time, the Ministry of Health informs.

Armenia was appointed a member of the General Committee within the framework of the 75th World Health Assembly.

The General Committee consists of 25 members. The Committee, in consultation with the Director General, performs the following functions:

  • determines the time and place of all plenary sittings, sittings of the main committees and sittings of all the committees during the session;
  • decides the sequence of activities of each plenary session;
  • proposes agenda items to the Health Assembly;
  • if necessary, transfers issues of the agenda to the committees from one committee to another;
  • reports on additions to the agenda;
  • coordinates the work of all major committees;
  • defines the postponement of the session;
  • otherwise contributes to the regular implementation of the session.
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