Eurovision Grand Final tonight: Armenia’s Rosa Linn performs 8th

The grand Final of Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Turin tonight. Armenia’s Rosa Linn will perform 8th in the show.

“I am very happy that after a two-year break I was able to represent Armenia with honor and reach the final. I have said many times that SNAP is my personal story, but that emotional state can be close to everyone’s heart. And in fact, the European audience believed in my story. Thank you to everyone who voted for me. I will do my best to have an impressive performance in the final,” says Rosa.

The Grand Final will feature 25 songs, but 40 countries will participate in the vote.

In all participating countries, televoters and professional juries will each award 1 to 8, 10, and 12 points. Televoters can vote via the official app, telephone and/or SMS. The voting window opens after the last song has been performed, and ends 15 minutes later. These votes determine 50% of the outcome.

The professional juries will determine 50% of the outcome. The jury, which consists of five members (including a chairperson) is the same jury that voted in one of the Semi-Finals.

The Armenian jury includes the executive producer of the Public Television, director Arshaluys Harutyunyan, singer Erik Karapetyan, the Armenian delegate to Eurovision 2019 Srbuk, composer Lilit Navasardyan and dancer Victoria Martirosyan.

Garik Papoyan will announce the voting results from Armenia.

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