Shushi in captivity again, like hundreds of sanctuaries and settlements being vandalized by Azerbaijan – Artsakh President

Artsakh’s President Arayik Harutyunyan has issued a message on the occasion of the Victory Day, the Liberation of Shushi and the formation of the Armed Forces of Artsakh. The message reads:

Dear compatriots,
Dear veterans of the Great Patriotic and Artsakh Liberation Wars,
Respected generals, officers, and soldiers of the Defense Army,

May 9 has left its mark in the history of the Armenian people as a symbol of its freedom-loving and indomitable spirit, courage and heroism, boundless love for the Motherland, devotion, and self-sacrifice.

During the Great Patriotic War, our ancestors, along with other peoples of the Soviet Union, fought selflessly against fascism, the greatest evil against mankind. We are proud that Artsakh has also had a significant contribution to carving the victory, every third of its population went to the front, giving numerous heroes of the USSR, marshals, admirals, and commanders.

The future generations continued the heroic traditions of their ancestors, building a regular army from volunteer groups 30 years ago, successfully carrying out the military operation in Shushi, and liberating the ancient Armenian fortress town.

However, today Shushi is in captivity again, like hundreds of our sanctuaries and settlements, which are being destroyed and vandalized by Azerbaijan. Their goal is to completely eliminate the Armenian trace and the Armenians themselves, violating all the norms and principles of international law.

These days the security of Artsakh is ensured by the Russian peacekeeping contingent together with our Defense Army. We are deeply grateful to our friends for being by the people of Artsakh and for supporting us in every way.

On behalf of the authorities of the Artsakh Republic and on my own behalf I extend my heartfelt congratulations on these precious and cherished holidays and pay my respects to the memory of all our martyrs who dedicated their lives to the defense of the Motherland, to their families and relatives. For the sake of the sacred memory of our heroic grandfathers, fathers, and sons, and for the sake of the generations to come, Artsakh must always be Armenian and impregnable.

Eternal honor and glory to all the devotees of the Motherland!

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