Member of Israeli Knesset Mossi Raz marks Armenian Genocide in Yerevan

Member of Israeli Knesset from Meretz Party Mossi Raz took part in Armenian Genocide commemoration events in Yerevan, The Jerusalem Post reports.

Raz laid a wreath at the memorial to the 1.5 million victims and visited the Armenian Genocide Memorial complex.

“The time has come to remember the victims everywhere where cruel racism has been expressed,” Raz said at the ceremony. “This is our obligation as Jews and humans.”

Speaking from Yerevan, Raz said taking part in the ceremony was very special, adding that when he was reelected to the Knesset a year ago, he asked to chair the Israel-Armenia friendship group and started working on the visit.

“I think that with such a massacre, such a tragedy of 1.5 million people assassinated, we should talk about it and remember,” he said.

Raz will meet on Monday with Armenian Foreign Ministry officials and members of the Armenian parliament.

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