Azerbaijani troops hold one slope of Karaglukh height – Artsakh InfoCenter

In the evening of March 27 and as of 12 PM of March 28, the operative-tactical situation along the entire line of contact, including the eastern section, is relatively stable, no major ceasefire violations have been registered, Artsakh’s InfoCenter reports.

The village of Parukh of the Askeran region is now under the control of the Russian peacekeeping troops.

Due to the courageous efforts of the Artsakh Armed Forces, the Armenian side managed to suspend the advance of the subdivisions of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces and to maintain control over the main part of Karaglukh height.

Azerbaijani troops continue to remain in fortified positions of one slope of Karaglukh.

Works with the command staff of the Russian peacekeeping contingent to make the Azerbaijani units return to their starting positions are ongoing.

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