Tokayev calls riots in Kazakhstan “a coup attempt”

The President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev has said that the riots in Kazakhstan were a coup d’etat attempt.

Addressing the summit of CSTO leaders, he said “preparations for the riots in Kazakhstan had been going on for a long time.” According to him, the wave of riots in Kazakhstan emerged “as if by a single command.”

The President said that the “bandit formations” in Kazakhstan were trying to take possession of weapons and military equipment. He also noted that 16 law enforcement officers were killed in Kazakhstan, the number of civilian casualties is being verified.

In addition, he pointed to the direct participation of terrorists in the riots in Kazakhstan, noting that the country will later present evidence of “preparation of terrorist aggression.”

Tokayev said the constitutional order in Kazakhstan has been restored and added that he will make proposals for a new composition of the government on January 11.

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