Armenian Ambassador stresses the inadmissibility of “generic calls on both sides”

Armenia’s Ambassador to the Netherlands Tigran Balayan attended the Conference on “The EU and its Eastern Neighbourhood” organized by “LINKS Europe.”

In response to the speeches of the key-note speakers, the Ambassador delivered remarks on the current situation in the region, stressed the inadmissibility of the generic calls on both sides in response to the continuous escalation by Azerbaijan, the issue of Armenian prisoners of war and civilian captives. 

The Ambassador stated that he would be pleased to share the success stories of Armenia, such as the signed agreements with Europol and Horizon Europe and the Common Aviation Area Agreement, but unfortunately the situation does not allow that. The Ambassador underlined that in these circumstances, the EU’s business as usual approach inspires new provocations and war crimes and that Azerbaijan’s participation in the Eastern Partnership is inconsistent with its values and principles.

He underlined Armenia’s commitment to the principle of peaceful resolution of conflicts, which  was blatantly violated by Azerbaijan. In this context, the Ambassador touched upon the Dutch Pariament’s motions requesting the Government to take steps towards sending an independent EU mission to the border, which were being discussed in the House of Representatives at that moment. 

The Ambassador underlined that the EU’s engagement is indeed needed in the region. “We need a bold stance by the EU, without applying double standards”, underlined Ambassador Balayan.

On the reconciliation projects, Armenian Ambassador emphasized that, unfortunately, those EU funded projects, have not served their purpose, as almost every single person from Azerbaijan, who attended those events were wholeheartedly defending the aggression, and what is more disappointing- the war crimes.

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