Azerbaijani special forces threaten citizens of Artsakh on social media

Representatives of the Azerbaijani special services have threatened a citizen of the Artsakh Republic with murder and revenge on various pages of a social network, presenting information about him that testifies to collecting personal data about the citizen of Azerbaijan in advance, Artsakh’s Prosecutor’s Office reports.

During that period the Azerbaijanis have presented him information that testifies to the prior collection of personal data about the citizen of Artsakh.

A relevant report has been sent to the National Security Service for further investigation.

The Azerbaijani special services or their representatives have periodically used various tricks on social networks to try to involve Artsakh users in various processes in order to obtain information from them, to get information on public sentiments and opinions on certain issues, the Prosecutor’s Office said.

The Prosecutor’s Office asks the citizens of the Artsakh Republic to refrain from contacting or transmitting information to suspicious or unknown users on social networks, and in case of such a situation, immediately report it to the National Security Service of the Republic of Artsakh.

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