PM Pashinyan holds meetings with heads of IT companies Sada and Service Titan

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan had separate meetings with Ara Mahdessian, President of Sada Company and Hovig Safoian, one of the founders of Service Titan Company, which operate in the field of high technologies.

During both meetings, the Prime Minister highlighted the activities of the above-mentioned companies in the field of high technology, emphasizing that this area is one of the Government priorities. Nikol Pashinyan added that the Government is interested in the development of IT companies, the expansion of the latter as a result of new investments, and the creation of jobs. The Prime Minister noted that during such meetings he is ready to discuss issues of concern to those companies, opportunities to provide appropriate assistance to the companies within the framework of Government tools.

Hovig Safoian, referring to the activities of Sada company, noted that the branch of the company operating in Armenia now has 30 employees, but they plan to increase that number to 350 as a result of new investment programs in the near future. He added that the company cooperates with a number of leading companies in the world, including Google, develops various software solutions, including in the field of education. Mr. Safoian noted that in particular, the platform designed for the sphere of education, which was developed in cooperation with Google, was introduced in the education systems of different countries, and is ready to be introduced in Armenia in cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Armenia.

Prime Minister Pashinyan highlighted the initiative, noting that he will instruct the responsible Government departments to discuss with Mr. Safoian the opportunities of cooperation in that direction.

Ara Mahdessian, one of the founders of Service Titan, provided details about the company’s activities and upcoming programs. He noted that the company’s Armenian office, which was established in 2018, already has 200 employees, the amount of investments in Armenia has reached $40 million. Mr. Mahdessian emphasized that the Armenian team is constantly expanding, new departments with new specializations are being opened, and investment projects will continue to develop. The programs are aimed at the continuous growth of the company, product improvement, training and involvement of the best specialists.

Prime Minister Pashinyan welcomed the successful operation of Service Titan, adding that both this company and other successful organizations in the field contribute to the continuous development of the high technology sector in Armenia. In this regard, the Prime Minister highlighted the preparation of highly qualified specialists and the steps taken to ensure their long-term activities in Armenia.

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