This conference is about future: President Sarkissian addresses the Armenian Summit of Minds

This conference is about the new world, or the quantum world, Armenian President Airmen Sarkissian said at the opening of the Armenian Summit of Minds in Dilijan.

“This conference will be devoted to two things, one is the geopolitics. It’s something that changes every day. Things have changed, there is now more uncertainty, this world is not single polar or bipolar, it’s much more complex. And what we try to understand is how to live in this new global world,” the President said.

Referring to regional geopolitics, he said that the thing that happened during the past year in Armenia, and the South Caucasus, in Central Asia are significant event that are going to reshape the regional geopolitics, be it in the Caucasus, in Central Asia, Eurasia, and maybe globally, as well.

“The second part of our discussions will be about future – how new technologies, artificial intelligence, biotechnologies are going to change or are already changing our world,” Armen Sarkissian said.

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