Threat to Armenia and Republic of Artsakh remains intolerably high – Rep. Schiff

Despite Azerbaijan and Armenia’s ceasefire agreement, unprovoked and ongoing Azerbaijani aggression against the people of Armenia and Artsakh means thousands of innocent civilians still live in fear, and the threat remains intolerably high, Member of US Congress Adam Schiff said in a Facebook post.

“It is vital we have a thorough understanding of the current situation and look closely into all potential threats, so we are better prepared to avert future deadly conflicts,” he added.

“That’s why the House Intelligence Committee included a measure Rep. Jackie Speier and I championed in the 2022 Intelligence Authorization Act which will require an unclassified report on the likelihood of future military action within the Southern Caucuses – including Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Nagorno-Karabakh. We must use every tool at our disposal to ensure that peace endures for the people of Armenia and Artsakh,” Rep. Schiff noted.

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