The situation in Tegh community is calm

“At the moment, the situation in the Tegh community is calm, the people are busy with their daily work”, Nerses Shadunts, the head of the Tegh border community, told to Armradio.

At the moment, the agricultural works in the upper part of the community are stopped, he added.
“Right now, the interdepartmental commission on Syunik issues in Khoznavar is distributing agricultural machinery to the villagers,” mentioned Nerses Shadunts.

“The shootings were not heard in the village. There is nothing disturbing in the community at the moment”, said Nerses Shadunts.

According to the statement of the Ministry of Defense, on August 7, at 11:40-12:00, the units of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces once again resorted to provocation, opening fire with different caliber firearms in the direction of the Armenian positions located in Syunik province of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, particularly in the part of Lake Sev (Black Lake).

The enemy’s fire was silenced by the retaliatory actions of the Armenian position guards. There are no casualties on the Armenian side.

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