Azerbaijani authorities continue to encourage enmity towards Armenians: Ombudsman addresses UNHRC

Authorities of Azerbaijan continue to deepen the policy of Armenophobia and encourage enmity towards Armenians, Armenian Human Rights Defender Arman Tataoyan said in a video message broadcast at the 47th session of the UN Human Rights Council.

Analysis of their actions and public messages prove existence of institutional racist policy clearly amounting to fascism, the Ombudsman stated.

“Evidence-based reports of Armenia’s Human Rights Defender confirm that the organized Hate Speech and Animosity have become Root Causes of widely spread Ethnically-Based Torture and Inhuman Treatment by the Azerbaijani military during the September-November 2020 war. Currently, this policy is reflected in the actions of Azerbaijani military illegally present near the bordering villages and on the roads between communities of Armenia,” he added.

Tatoyan noted that a “thorough analyses of over 300 videos of torture and cruel treatment by the military of Azerbaijan have revealed their inspiration by Azerbaijani high ranking officials through use of same words and expressions while beheading, executing, torturing Armenian civilians and military servicemen.”

“All of these have been confirmed with opening of a so-called trophy park of wax figures of killed Armenians and their helmets in the capital of Azerbaijan. It is a park of chained people held as hostages. It is a museum of human sufferings; a museum that is designed to promote racism,” the Human Rights Defender emphasized.

“All these facts confirm the genocidal policy of Azerbaijan against the population of Artsakh and Armenia,” he concluded.
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