Mona Lisa replica set to fetch up to €300,000 at auction

A replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa painting is going on sale in Paris, where it is expected to fetch up to €300,000, the BBC reports.

Said to have been created by a follower of da Vinci in the early 17th Century, it is widely known as the Mona Lisa Hekking after ex-owner Raymond Hekking.

Hekking, who died in 1977, cast doubt on the authenticity of the original masterpiece now at the Louvre museum.

The early replica will be sold at Christie’s auction in France’s capital.

Hekking acquired the canvas in the 1950s from an art dealer in Nice.

“This work and its history illustrate the fascination that the Mona Lisa and the aura of Leonardo da Vinci have always held,” Christie’s said in a statement.

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