Defense Ministry denies reports on 40 Armenian servicemen crossing the border into Azerbaijan

The Armenian Ministry of Defense has denied the reports on the Azerbaijani side claiming that 40 Armenian servicemen crossed the border into Azerbaijan on the evening of June 1 and forced to return to their starting positions.

“Such misinformation is obviously being circulated by the Azerbaijani military-political leadership in order to create an impression in the international community that the Armenian Armed Forces are attempting to aggravate the situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border and to present it as a counterbalance to the provocation of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces who entered the Republic of Armenia on May 12 and 13,” the Defense Ministry said.

The Ministry states that the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia did not cross the border of the Republic of Azerbaijan, neither on June 1, nor in the days preceding it.

It said the cases of misinformation have recently increased. In particular, a few days ago the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry claimed that the Armenian side opened fire both on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border and on the Azerbaijani positions in the direction of Shushi, which was denied by both the Armenian Defense Ministry and the command of the Russian peacekeeping mission in the Artsakh Republic.

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