Azerbaijan authorities must not be allowed to muddle us with fake peace process, Armenia’s Ombudsman says

Peace is the highest value for us but we must not allow Azerbaijani authorities to muddle us with fake peace process, Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan said in a statement.

The statement reads:

1) The highest authorities of Azerbaijani not only did not stop, but also deepened the policy of Armenophobia and fascist enmity towards the entire population of Armenia, and the entire Armenian people. This is about genocidal policy.

He emphasized that the delimitation by itself, without creation of a security zone will not ensure the rights of citizens of Armenia and especially border residents and will cause new violations and tensions, as long as these conditions exist.

2) Based on the same principle, the President of Azerbaijan constantly speaks in the language of threats about our country and the entire population. He is proud to have a generation grown up with feelings of hatred and animosity.

3) The Azerbaijani authorities deliberately continue to cause mental suffering to the families of the Armenian captives and missing persons, and violate the rights of the captives by not publishing the real numbers and not returning them to their homeland.

4) The real danger of recurrence of Azerbaijani atrocities during the war against Armenian civilians and servicemen has not been eliminated, while no one has been held responsible for what occurred.

5) The Azerbaijani armed servicemen are present illegally in the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia in the Gegharkunik and Syunik regions disturbing the peace of mind of the Armenian society.

6) In the vicinity of the villages of the Gegharkunik and Syunik regions, the Azerbaijani armed servicemen continue to grossly violate the rights of the border residents of Armenia (threatening Armenian citizens (including shepherds) by displaying their weapons to them, people are deprived of access to their lands, pastures, periodic shootings near the border villages of Armenia, etc.).

7) Gross violations of rights and provocations are recorded on the roads of between the communities of the Syunik region (pelting an Armenian civilian car with stones on the road from Goris to Kapan, dragging the shepherd of Aravus and punching him in the eye, blocking the road from Kapan to Chakaten village with an Azerbaijani car, refusing the return of the animals of the border residents of Armenia which have crossed over to lands under Azerbaijani control, and other incidents.) The placement of Azerbaijani armed servicemen, flags and signs on those roads continuously violate the rights of the Armenians citizens (psychological tensions, and intention to terrorize, restriction of the free movement of people, etc.).

Special note: In general, the demarcation process of borders is of fundamental importance for any country. It is also a guarantee for the protection of human rights.

However, the delimitation process may last for years, if not decades, and as long as the conditions listed by me do not exist, the urgency of real guaranteeing of the rights of the border residents of Armenia, and the Armenian citizens, requires the creation of a security zone around the Gegharkunik and Syunik regions, along all the sections of the border with Azerbaijan.

Therefore, the delimitation can be implemented only after the creation of the security zone, or at least, in parallel to its creation.

To restore the disrupted normal life of the Armenian citizens, and above all, that of the border residents, Azerbaijani armed servicemen, flags, and signs should be removed from the vicinity of the villages, and from the roads between the communities of Armenia.

Otherwise, the delimitation process in itself, will be accompanied by new violations of the rights of the citizens of the Armenia, and especially the border residents, and the increase of the tensions in the society.

This will not secure peace in the region!

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