Armenian Ombudsman seek support in promoting the concept of security zone in Syunik and Gegharkunik

Armenia’s human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan appeals to all government agencies, lawmakers involved in delegations to international instances, competent public and political structures and specialists to support him in advancing the concept of creating a security zone around Syunik and Gegharkunik provinces, all along the border with Azerbaijan.

“I also address this proposal and appeal to all our powerful Diaspora structures and individuals. We will provide the necessary facts and justifications for this purpose. The security zone is necessary to guarantee the rights of the border residents of the Republic of Armenia, and all the citizens of our country,” Mr. Tatoyan said.

“There should be no Azerbaijani soldiers near villages in Syunik and Gegharkunik, nor should there be any flags or signs on the roads between Syunik communities. We must work together and with concrete steps, and with a united force, and fight together against the fatal challenges we face, to fight for our rights and for the security of our country,” the Ombudsman added.

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