Armenia welcomes Biden’s statement on Genocide anniversary – MFA

Armenia welcomes the statement of the President Biden on the commemoration day of the Armenian Genocide, by which the President of the United States clearly defines the mass atrocities committed against the Armenian people in the early 20th century as genocide, Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

It recalled that relevant resolutions recognizing and condemning the Armenian Genocide were adopted by the US the House of Representatives and Senate in 2019.

“In the difficult days of the Armenian Genocide, the American Government and people selflessly helped and saved many lives from the clutches of death. The message of the US President continues this strong American tradition of standing by truth and justice,” the Foreign Ministry said.

“The recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide is a universal issue of humanity. Today, the US authorities have unequivocally reiterated their commitment to human rights and the principles of humanity,” the statement reads.

“This statement makes a significant contribution to the global recognition of the Armenian Genocide and the prevention of genocides,” the Foreign Ministry said.

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