Russian Ambassador praises Armenia’s contribution to space exploration

Armenian researchers made a major contribution to space exploration efforts, Russian Ambassador to Yerevan Sergei Kopyrkin said at a conference dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the first human spaceflight on Monday.

“Armenia made an invaluable contribution to the development of space industry. Prominent Armenian scientists Viktor Ambartsumian, Artem Alikhanian and Veniamin Markaryan actively participated in the creation of Soviet schools of astrophysics and astronomy starting from 1930s. Today, Armenia’s Byurakan Observatory maintains cooperation with a number of Russian research institutions and centers,” he pointed out.

According to the Russian envoy, “the observatory monitors near Earth space based on an intergovernmental agreement between Russia and Armenia.” “I am confident that all Russian-Armenian initiatives and projects related to space exploration will contribute to enhancing our countries’ research capabilities,” Kopyrkin added.

“Armenia is a small country, but as part of the Soviet Union, it made a significant contribution to the development of space research and astronautics. Armenia, with its great potential in the field of astrophysics and related sciences, has all the opportunities for cooperation and development of space research and technologies,” said Areg Mikaelyan. director of the Byurakan Observatory.

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