Ruling My Step faction set to support opposition’s initiative to lift the martial law

Speaker of the National Assembly Ararat Mirzoyan has offered the ruling My Step block to support the initiative of the parliamentary opposition on lifting the martial law.

At the same time, he stressed that the claims that the extension of the marital law has any domestic political motive have no ground, and  noted that the “opposition movements and tents in the streets are the best proof of that.”

“The best solution would be for the government itself to summarize the work conditioned by the martial law, gradually mitigate the measures and initiate lifting of the martial law,” the Speaker said.

“We all understand that parliamentary elections are expected in June, and the government or the ruling majority would have to initiate the lifting of the martial law,” he said, suggesting his colleagues to support the initiative of the opposition, which has already introduced the draft.

Armenia introduced the martial law on September 27, 2020, when Azerbaijan unleashed a large-scale offensive against Artsakh.

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