Over 100 Armenian pilgrims visit Dadivank and Amaras Monasteries

A group of Armenian pilgrims, accompanied by military personnel of the Russian peacekeeping contingent, visited the Dadivank monastery complex, the Russian Ministry of Defense informs.

As a result of the agreements reached, Azerbaijani servicemen allow pilgrims to the territory of the complex, accompanied by Russian peacekeepers. To ensure security, one of the observation posts of the Russian peacekeeping contingent is located near the architectural complex.

Dadivank is one of the oldest Christian monasteries and is located on the territory of the Karvachar region, which, in accordance with a tripartite statement, came under the control of Azerbaijan in November 2020.

Also, Russian peacekeepers ensured the safety of Armenian pilgrims when visiting the Amaras Christian monastery, which is located in close proximity to the demarcation line in Artsakh.

Over the past two days, more than 100 pilgrims have visited the Dadivank and Amaras monasteries, accompanied by Russian peacekeepers.

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