PM Nikol Pashinyan’s congratulatory message on International Women’s Day

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has issued a congratulatory message on International Women’s Day:

Dear women,

I warmly congratulate you on International Women’s Day, March 8. This holiday is celebrated in our society with special warmth and reverence, which testifies to the special role of women in our society and their invaluable contribution, which is also the result of your husbands, brothers, fathers and sons’ respect and boundless love for you.

I would especially like to pay tribute to the memory of our servicewomen and volunteers who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the homeland during the 44-day war.

I address words of respect to our women whose heroic children, husbands and brothers fell heroically in the Artsakh war.

I also warmly congratulate the women whose sons, husbands and brothers still stand on the border and continue their patriotic service, as well as the women who have stood or are still standing on the front lines of defending the homeland.

The courage and patriotism shown by you, your sons, spouses and brothers in the defense of the homeland will be an example for all future generations.

Dear women,

On the occasion of the Day of Protection of Your Rights, it is important to note that there is still much to be done in our country to enhance the role of women, ensure equal rights and equal opportunities. It should also be noted that the state is making efforts in that direction. Our task is to create opportunities that will allow you to show all your creative abilities, knowledge, to feel most protected and appreciated.

Thanks to you, our best national traditions and a strong Armenian family are preserved. It is as a result of your devotion and great strength that you are able to bring up educated and patriotic generations for our nation.

Beloved women, mothers, sisters, daughters,

I once again congratulate all of you on this beautiful holiday, wishing family warmth, high spirits, professional success and new initiatives.

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