Armenian designers featured in Vogue Italia

During the latest edition of London Fashion Week, the British body Fashion Scout and Fashion and Designer Chamber Armenia (FDCA) – the non-profit association founded in November 2017 by a group of Armenian designers to strengthen the fashion and Armenian design allowing them to be fully inserted in the local and international context – collaborated on a purely digital project to present six emerging designers, Vogue Italia reports.

In this regard, emerging designers had the opportunity to exhibit their collections in a see-now-buy-now format., to increase their global network with buyers, members of the press and the rest of the fashion community. Furthermore, together with the fashion films presented by the various designers, there was the launch of a new e-commerce portal,, which sells works curated by the most promising Armenian designers, many of whom have already captured the attention of professionals.

Starting from 2019, Fashion Scout has worked alongside the Fashion and Designer Chamber Armenia in order to develop an accelerator program and a showcasing business for Armenian designers. The project, called “Supporting SME’s and Creating Sustainable Ecosystem for Armenian Textile Industry” “to support and create a sustainable ecosystem for the Armenian textile industry” was initiated by the FDCA with the invaluable support of the UK’s Good Governance Fund (GFF). 

Vogue Talents presents three very promising Armenian sustainable fashion designers here:


A decisive femininity, which lies in wanting to create a wide-ranging creative approach to fashion to involve all dimensions of lifestyle: this is the banner signed by RUZANĒ , the brand founded by Ruzanna Vardanyan in 2016 as a declaration of maximum femininity and style.

“We tend to be strong and fearless, but it’s not about physical strength, our power is our femininity,” explained the designer. The latest collection harks back to how society uses this power in response to humanity’s major challenges. The label creates timeless pieces made with refined fabrics, enhancing quality. 

Nelly Serobyan 

A manifesto of trust, independence and tradition, is at the helm of the homonymous brand that embodies a strong and self-confident design. The minimalist wardrobe is endowed with a strong personality, tuned with clothes that enhance the concept of essentiality and femininity. 

The arsenal of clothing is divided into baggy dresses with a tailored cut, neutral colors and composed volumes. In addition, a touch of functionality softens the high-low effect of the collection. “Due to the current economic crisis, our brand has started saving as much as possible,” explains Serobyan.

LOOM Weaving

© aghayan

Founded by Inga Manukyan in 2014, LOOM Weaving proposes an evolution of the contemporary wardrobe by combining the concept of practical wear with the attention to detail typical of the world of knitwear. Dresses and cardigans favor oversized silhouettes with revolutionary necklines and maxi weaves. Sweaters, on the other hand, appear in different lengths with a sturdy lightness. 

LOOM Weaving was founded with the aim of reviving national handmade techniques and building a new path for Armenian knitwear production to design, develop, weave and above all create. The label has developed its own style, which is both modern and traditional at the same time, as the products require style and individuality. The proposals are easily identifiable by their appearance, design, idea, handmade and natural raw materials used. The brand refers to the development of an exclusive knitwear design, using an original blend of inlay and the best natural yarns (wool, viscose, cotton, lurex and silk) in infinite color combinations. 

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