Yerevan Mayor condemns desecration of Holocaust Memorial in Yerevan

Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan has condemned the desecration of the monument to Holocaust and Armenian genocide victims.

“Encroachment on any monument is a completely unacceptable and condemnable act that should be excluded from our city,” the Mayor said.

“Representatives of different nationalities have lived side by side in Yerevan for centuries, proudly bearing the honorable title of being a citizen of Yerevan along with their nationality, and no motive can undermine that solidarity,” he added.

He voiced hope that the law enforcement agencies would respond quickly and adequately.

The “To Live and Not Forget” Holocaust memorial in the Armenian city of Yerevan was desecrated with paint sprayed all over the Hebrew writings.

The memorial was built to honor both the Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide victims and consists of two primary pillars, with “To Live and Not Forget: To the Memory of the Victims of the Genocides of the Armenian and Jewish Peoples” written in Armenian on the right pillar and Hebrew on the left pillar.

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