PM provides description of political situation in Armenia

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has described the state of affairs in Armenia’s domestic politiaal field. According to him, the description of the political situation in the country is as follows:

  1. The “elite” deprived of power in Armenia as a result of the 2018 revolution is trying to get revenge. Moreover, it is not only about the political “elite,” but all those who had privileges until 2018, but not after 2018.
  2. The people, who felt the fact of being in power after the 2018 revolution, do not want to lose that status, especially now, when taking advantage of the fact that the government is more focused on serving foreign security issues, some have put in place “if you do not come to the rally, you will be fired” logic.

    Thus, according to the Prime Minister, the real contradiction is not between the government and the opposition, but the “elite” that lost the privileges in 2018 and the people.

    “In any case, the people will have the decisive word, because if the people have their say, the “elites” can do nothing,” PM Pashinyan said.

    He pledged to do his best “so that the people do not miss the opportunity to say their word and say that word.”

    “But at the moment, the priority for us is to ensure the external security of Armenia and Artsakh, and in these actions, external security should not be questioned in any way,” Pashinyan said.
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