Peaceful demonstration in Palmero calls attention to Azerbaijani aggression against Artsakh

The Armenian community in Palermo, in collaboration with the Armenian Union of Italy and the youth of Lega Party, organized a peaceful demonstration in Piazza Castelnuovo to draw the attention to the Azerbaijani aggression against Artsakh and call for its recognition, Merido News reports.

“We want to focus on the situation in the Caucasus and ask for the support of the Italians to reach a diplomatic solution,” said Igor Gelarda, Lega leader at the Palermo City Council, and first signatory of the agenda, approved two days ago in the Council, which calls for an immediate ceasefire and the recognition of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic by the Italian government.

He said demonstrators gathered peacefully to draw attention to the war waged against Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) by Azerbaijan, supported by the Erdogan regime.

The lawmaker noted that the war is causing hundreds of deaths among civilians of both nations and causing an environmental disaster.

“Unfortunately, up to now the international community, with some rare
exceptions, has made little movement,” he said.

“We want this war to end immediately, we want the suffering of all civilians, Armenian and Azerbaijani victims of an unjust war, to end,” Gelarda said.

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