UK MPs condemn Azerbaijani attack against Artsakh and Armenia

The officers of the All-Party Parliamentary Grope for Armenia at the UK Parliament have written to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab demanding that the UK takes action against the threat of Turkey and Azerbaijan’s aggression to global stability.

“This unprovoked attack by Azerbaijan, clearly now with Turkish backing, represents a very serious escalation of the hostilities on the Azerbaijan/Armenia border,” the parliamentarians says.

“We believe that there is an urgent need for the UK government to speak out in condemnation of the action by Azerbaijan, as the US and other allies have done, and for the UK to do all it can to end the fighting and encourage both parties back to negotiating table with the assistance of the OSCE Minsk Group.

“Particularly worrying have been the involvement of turkey with reports of F-16 Turkish fighters having shot down an Armenian Air Force plane over the Armenian territory and attacks by Turkish-made UAVs. This has been accompanied by an unconditional support for the Azerbaijani actions backed up by various statements for the Turkish governments. There are also credible reports of participation on the Azeri side by foreign terrorist fighters regulated from those parts of Syria under the control of the Turkish military, the MPs say.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that the conflict is not a spontaneous escalation of recent ‘skirmishes’ but a carefully planned and prepared aggression. As such we are very worried that the conflict has the capacity to quickly develop into a full-blown war involving other players in the area. We therefore urge you to speak out on behalf of HMG to condemn the protagonists and do all you can to halt the fighting,” the parliamentarians said.

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