Artsakh troops successfully thwarting the enemy’s plans, inflicting heavy losses – Defense Minister

The units of the Defense Army are successfully thwarting the enemy’s plans, inflicting heavy losses on the enemy, Artsakh’s Defense Minister, Major-Genral Jalal Harutyunyan said in a statement.

“We have known these plans for a long time, their essence can be expressed in one word: cleanse Artsakh and Armenia of Armenians. Rest assured, the enemy will fail once again,” the Defense Minister stated.

“About four years after the hostilities in 2016, the enemy again resorted to force, believing that in this way it will be able to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in its favor,” Harutyunyan said.

In the morning of September 27, the Azerbaijani army launched an attack all along the line of contact after missile attacks and UAV strikes.

“Rest assured, the enemy is going to fail once again this time. Victory will not be easy. True to hits nature, the enemy will target peaceful settlements and civilians, will not differentiate between a soldier and a child, a clergyman and an elderly woman, an adult and a helpless old man. We are all targets,” the Defense Minister stated.

“Victory will require a surge of strength and iron unity. Now all the disagreements, all the views, all the opinions must be put aside. The goal is one: to defeat the enemy by all possible means, to strike a crushing blow to its armed gangs, to destroy its military infrastructure, if necessary, to expand the security zone and impose a final peace,” he added.

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