Covid-19 cases expected to grow in Armenia as reproduction number goes above 1

The number of coronavirus cases is expected to grow in Armenia, as the value of reproduction number (Rt) goes above 1. Deputy Minister of Health Lena Nanushyan has shared the estimates on Facebook.

The reproduction number represents the number of new infections estimated to stem from a single case, and its value above 1 indicates that the number of cases is growing.

The number, which currently stands at 1.03, was below 1 for several day, meaning the cases were declining.

The table below shows the confirmed cases, their estimated date of report, date of infection, and time-varying reproduction number estimates.

The Deputy Minister urges to keep abiding by anti-epidemic rules – wear masks, frequently wash the hands and keep social distance.

“Otherwise, we will have a sharp increase in cases, which, of course, will be facilitated by the increase in the mobility of the population due to the activities of educational institutions,” shes said.

She urges to combine efforts to battle the pandemic and regrets that some are trying to spread misinformation regarding the preventive measures against Covid-19, namely the masks.

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