Armenian de-mining specialists clear more land in Syria

De-mining specialists of the Armenian humanitarian mission in Syria have cleared an area of 33,143 square meters in Syria in August. A total of 238,230 square meters have been cleared from the first day of the mission.

Doctors of the 5th group of the humanitarian mission provided medical assistance to 1,273 locals in the conditions of restrictions caused by the epidemic.

A total of 16,695 patients have received treatment from the first day of the mission,

On August 29, the 5th Medical Group of the Humanitarian Group was honored with letters of gratitude from the Minister of Health of Aleppo and the Armenian Evangelical Community of Syria for their professional work.

Coronavirus prevention and disinfection activities are carried out every day at the permanent location of the humanitarian group. Despite a number of limitations and difficulties caused by the pandemic, the humanitarian group continues to carry out its mission.

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