Armenian Genocide film The Promise now available on Netflix

The Armenian Genocide film The Promise is now available to tens of millions of households via Netflix.

To get the film trending, it’s necessary to view, giving the film a well-deserved thumbs-up and recommend that friends watch this epic drama set against the backdrop of the Armenian Genocide.

Set during the waning days of the Ottoman Turkish Empire, “The Promise” tells the story of a love triangle sparked between an Armenian medical student, Michael (Oscar Issac), Anna (Charlotte Le Bon), and renowned American photojournalist Chris Myers (Christian Bale).

The First World War and the Armenian Genocide of the 1915-1923 form the historical backdrop of an epic story of love, loyalty and survival.

It was philanthropist and billionaire Kirk Kerkorian, who envisioned the movie and got producer Eric Esrailian involved. They spent two years researching the Genocide and governments’ efforts, including by the United States to suppress a movie being made about the event, before forming a production company to make the movie.

Kerkorian didn’t live to see the filming, but he did see the creation of the story.

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