Anti-Armenian attacks in Moscow are also an attempt to destabilize Russia – PM

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has described the anti-Armenian attacks in Moscow as an attempt to destabilize Russia.

“The anti-Armenian attacks by Azerbaijanis living in Russia are not only an expression of the Azerbaijani’s leadership’s anti-Armenian rhetoric, but also an attempt to destabilize Russia and turn it into a stage for ethnic clashes,” PM Pashinyan said in an interview with RBC.

“There is no doubt that the Russian authorities have all the means and capabilities to prevent such a development,” he added.

“But our compatriots in Russia, in their turn, must record that it’s necessary not to give in to provocations and that third forces with ambitious anti-Armenian aspirations in the South Caucasus are interested in destabilizing Russia. We will not allow it,” Pashinyan said.

The interview will be aired early next week.

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