Eurovision Song Celebration 2020: Armenia’s Athena Manoukian featured

Eurovision streams the second part of ‘Eurovision Song Celebration 2020.’ Two special shows air on the same dates as the Eurovision 2020 Semi-Finals.

On Tuesday 12 May, the EBU spotlighted the songs that would have been shown in the first Semi-Final, including host country the Netherlands and 2 of the Big 5 countries: Germany and Italy.

Part two features the countries that were to be represented in the second Semi-Final.

Instead of the classic recap of the participating songs, fans sing, dance and party along to the songs of 2020.

The European Broadcasting Union cancelled the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It said the health of artists, staff, fans and visitors, as well as the situation in the Netherlands, Europe and the world, was at the heart of this decision.

Athena Manoukian was selected to represent Armenia in the contest with the song ‘Chains On You.’

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