CoE congratulates Armenia on ratification of Lanzarote Convention

Council of Europe’s Spokesperson Daniel Holtgen has congratulated Armenia on ratification of Lanzarote Convention.

The Armenian National Assembly voted 79 to 12 today to ratify the Convention.

The Council of Europe Convention on Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse, also known as the Lanzarote Convention” requires criminalisation of all kinds of sexual offences against children.

It sets out that states in Europe and beyond shall adopt specific legislation and take measures to prevent sexual violence, to protect child victims and to prosecute perpetrators.

Armenia had signed the convention back in 2010. The ratification process will be concluded when the ratification instrument is deposited at the Council of Europe. Armenia will then become the 47th state to have ratified the Lanzarote Convention, leaving Ireland as the only Council of Europe’s member that will not have done so. Tunisia is a non-member State that has also ratified the Convention.

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